The First Four Years

"Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect."  Margaret Mitchell said it so much better than I ever could, and isn't it true? On the morning of the long-anticipated fall family photo session, one child evidenced every ounce of stubbornness in those little bones while the other child grinned like nobody's business.  It was cold.  It was windy.  And it was the day before Olive's birthday extravaganza - insert every image on pinterest … [Read More...]


Married: Drew and Candace

Ah, weddings. The giddy excitement that pervades the day. The abundant beauty, the overwhelming beauty, the awe-inspiring beauty.  The way the groom smiles at his bride, and the way she lights up when she sees him.  The bridesmaids as they continually prove their love for the bride-friend.  The groomsmen goofing off waiting for the party to start. The tearful mother of the bride.  The proud father of the groom. As a wedding photographer, I see … [Read More...]


Engaged: Shanna and Steven in Vancouver

When I first met Shanna, I was running around my neighborhood desperately trying to coax my kitten to return to me.  I'm not sure I even said "hi" to her as I raced past her, lunged for the cat, and ... well...missed. I wheedled.  I begged.  I bribed.  I stalked.  Yet my four-month-old kitten wasn't interested. At all. Eventually, with the tantalizing distraction of a yellow scarf dancing juuuust on the other side of the bush and some impressive … [Read More...]

lindsey (90)

how to buy a camera: geek speak

You shouldn't need a Geek Squad to decipher the Geek Speak.  Especially not when trying to decide what camera to purchase; a camera that will document your child's first year of life, your twentieth anniversary adventure, your mountain hike, your girl's night out.  Your camera is about to fill a very practical function, and each of the geek-eeze mumbo jumbo is telling you how the camera will meet your needs. As I wrote last time, the fundamental … [Read More...]

kitten rescue

the kitten rescue

The #kittierescue (you can follow the journey via hashtag on Instagram) effort began with a hissing alpha-kitten, a quivering runt-of-the-litter, and a missing mommy-cat.  Armed with leather gloves, a bulky-sleeved sweat shirt, and a towel-lined box, I pulled the litter out of their cubby in the chicken coop and started bottle-feeding. After a few challenging days (and too many nighttime feedings :-P), the kitties were starting to gain … [Read More...]


The First Four Years

"Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect."  Margaret Mitchell said it so much better than I ever could, and isn't it true? On the … Continue Reading


Steveston Family Photos

"Oh, you guuuyyys!  You're looking so good.  So rad.  So fabulous!  Just stay right there...I'm going to try to get the dogs' attention...give me some patience...you guys just look at me and we'll hope the dogs do, … Continue Reading


Crescent Beach Family Photos

She stood on the edge of the world, teetering between the delights of an unknown expanse and the comforts of familiar reality. To her, it looked like a grand adventure waiting to be explored.  To her parents, … Continue Reading


Cliff Falls Park Family Photography

"Hey Pink! Look at me! PINK!" "Did you see this beautiful location, Pink?  Can we take a picture here, Pink?" "It's my turn to choose our next spot, Pink! I want to go to the bridge.  Do you see the bridge, Pink? … Continue Reading


Derby Reach Family Photos

When your family has been around the world and back, a longer-than-expected trek into the woods doesn't signal consternation.  On the contrary, it's an opportunity for adventure and excitement and conversation and … Continue Reading