Just Becase: Bradley & Jill [Leesburg, VA]

Each step had to be careful, deliberate.  Slow movement was the only movement.  By all appearances, the river had been covering our pathway not too long before we’d arrived and our shoes held the mud to prove it.

Step. Ssssssluhzs. Step.  Ssssssluhzs.  The mud-meet-shoe made a sucking/slurping/popping/mucous-blowing sound. Step. Ssssssluhzs. Step. Ssssssluhzs.

But the mud didn’t matter, the humidity didn’t matter, the mosquitoes didn’t matter.

In celebration of together-ness, twoyearssinceengagement-ness, and nineteen-months-of-married-ness, Bradley and Jill slogged through the mud, scrambled down (and up!) a steep hill (Jill did it in a skirt!), and teetered on the edge of the river. And smiled the whole.entire.time.  Even when her shoes were deemed uncleanable, she still smiled.  Because it’s fun, this adventuring along the journey of together.  And there they are. Together.

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