The Treasure Valley Wedding Photographer

Let me be your wedding expert, your calm and wise friend on your wedding day, your professional third-wheel, your creator-of-beautiful photos.

Happy Brides
This is me:

I create emotional, joyful, light-filled photos for you to cherish.

Hi, I’m Jennifer!

Wedding Expert.
Professional Third Wheel.
Creator of Emotion-filled Photos

I’m Jennifer van Leeuwen and I’m a wedding photographer based in Eagle, Idaho serving the Treasure Valley.

I believe you are beautiful and deserve to look and feel your best on your wedding day.

But I also know you don’t always feel that way. So maybe you’re not a Hollywood icon. And maybe you don’t fit the idealized version of beauty the media portrays. Maybe you hate your nose and your weight isn’t where you’d like it. But here’s the thing.

You. Are. Beautiful.

You are, I’m convinced of it. And I’m committed to tell your unique love story in a way that’s true to you and showcase how stunning you are.

I’ve photographed weddings for the last eight years and built my business while working a desk job and living in North Carolina. While living in British Columbia, I fell in love with  lovely winter raindrops, glorious Pacific Ocean sunsets, and magnificent evergreen mountaintops. I can’t wait to explore the beauty of the Treasure Valley!

Recent Weddings

Stories and photos from joyful wedding celebrations and engagement session adventures.

Photos for your marriage, not just a wedding.

A wedding day lasts mere hours but a marriage lasts for decades.

Each wedding is an outstanding celebration. An exceptionally good day. It’s a day of a blissful love story filled with a series of little moments well worth remembering: a collection of stories that might be forgotten if they are not preserved.

When taking portraits my goal is to have fun. In creating laughter-filled adventures in a field or at a forest or along a river, we are creating memories together that result in photos that are not only good but also memorable.

Wedding Planning Tips

In the past decade, I’ve walked with more than 140 brides celebrating their weddings and I’ve learned a few things along the way.