A Weekend in Idaho

Like all good Canadian ventures, our Easter weekend began with a Tim Hortons double-double and a sunrise over Mount Baker.  A thousand kilometers later (see? I’m practically a native now — I’m speaking kilometers!), we had made it across three state lines and one international border, seen snow and sand and sun and clouds, and made it through half of our weekend’s driving quota.

We drove in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  We summited snow-covered mountain passes, rolled through barren flatland, traversed rock-covered hills, ended up on a dirt road looking for a gas station (that went out of business five years ago), and spent the weekend on an Air Force Base with one of the cutest toddler in the universe.

We visited the Boise Chick-fil-A twice (and saved as much CFA sauce as possible for future consumption during particularly difficult bouts of homesickness :-P), reveled in the deliciousness of the Seattle Panera Bread, and drove and drove and drove some more.

 What was your favorite Spring Break adventure?

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