Agassiz Tulip Festival

My Monday started in a whirlwind.  A self-employed to-do list, the prospect of a challenging conversation, an overflowing brain…and then I got out of bed. 😉 Instead of jumping into productivity and projects, though, I decided to take a minute and smell the tulips and bask in the sunshine. Cue singing songbirds and dancing fairies a la Cinderella.  The day transformed.  Fully.

The reason I even had a vase full of tulip stems?  John and I went to the Agassiz Tulip Festival to see the Tulips of the Valley over the weekend, traipsing through the thousands and thousands of blooms in the shadow of snow capped mountains.  We smelled tulips, bought tulips, walked through mud puddles to get to tulips, photographed tulips.  Last year, we went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival and somehow I think this is about to become a tradition:  a scenic drive, a stroll among the flowers, and bountiful color. What could be better?

Because of tulips and sunshine and nieces and weekend adventuring, I’m spending today purposefully thankful. Counting my blessings (the eight tulip stems on my table).  Rejoicing in little victories (like successful data recovery software!).  Celebrating truth.  Being thankful.

What are you thankful for today?

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