Alisha & Jimmy & Watson (Tanglewood Park Portrait)

Just over a year ago, I was hanging out with Jimmy and Alisha on their wedding day. We were laughing, the bridesmaids were maybealittlebitstressing, Jimmy was beaming, and Alisha was giggling.  But most importantly, they were vowing…they were getting married.

And now look at them: they’ve had their one-year-anniversary, they’ve adopted a puppy (his name is Watson and even though I don’t like dogs, I like him), they’ve been to Disney Land, and they’re enjoying life. (And they’ve had lotsa practice as models, so they’re old pro’s as it now.)

When I look back on what the past year has been like for me, I marvel at all the adventures and challenges and ups and downs I’ve seen in twelve months. And I know they can, too. And yet here they are. One year later. A little further along their journey.  Looking forward to what the next year will hold. And the next. And they next. And the next. And the next.

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