Ashton: the Senior


She was on her hands and knees in the middle of the barn floor doing what she does best: laughing. Laura‘s wedding day had (finally) arrived and Ashton was hard at work; helping, serving, assisting, scurrying, decorating, laughing.  She was having fun working. Repeat: fun and working WERE in the same sentence. Because that’s what she does: she has fun.

She lives boldly. She loves wildly. She dreams excitedly.

She has fun.

Ashton is an inspiration from the tip of her glitter-specked fingers to the pointe of her talented dancing toes, but in the middle of all the inspiration, this is a girl who is ready to boldly, wildly, excitedly start the next phase of life. High school is almost over, but the rest is just as fun. And that’s even more inspiring.





Psst. We also had an extra special bucket of surprise. Pun fully intended.

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  1. AHHHH SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! The images and the girl in them. 🙂 I bet you two had a BLAST together!!!! love the dance photos at the beginning. And you look like Lori in the mirror ones!

  2. So fun! I really like the ballet + old gas station look. Oh, and the glitter. AND the mirror! I haven’t see someone use a mirror like that in photos and I really like it.

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