An Autumn Engagement



Traipsing through the woods, sipping tea in between locations while bouncing on rutted trails in a classic (read: old) pick up truck, throwing leaves, watching the sun sink toward the horizon.  Oh yeah, and commemorating this season of love and autumn engagement.

Simon & Christine have one of the sweetest, most precious love stories I have ever heard: Simon came to Virginia from Ireland, worked alongside Christine at Camp Highroad, and in a moment of camp-wide water fight frivolity doused the unsuspecting Christine with half a bottle of Axe Body Wash…and immediately regretted his impetuosity.  In that moment of recreation-turned-to-remorse, he realized that this coworker of his was much more special to him than he had ever realized or anticipated.

Fast forward several years of international adventure (nothing quite like flying across the ocean to meet-the-parents) and a season of long distance relationship (whilst Simon finished schooling in his homeland), and here we are to celebrate the blissful reality of happily-ever-after right around the corner.

I had a blast freezing off my fingers to photograph Simon and Christine.  So totally worth every beginning symptom of frostbite to be able to adventure northern Virginia with them and their ooey gooey lovey dovey beauty.  In fact, I love these photos so much, I cannot decide which is my favorite.  Can you?  No?  I didn’t think so.

I think every couple should have the opportunity for a leaf fight at least once in their relationship.  How much fun is this?!?!

Okay, I lied: these two might be able to get the title of “favorite”.

Nope. Just kidding. These two are my favorite.

Oh wait! No!  This one is my favorite!

Nope…this one…

Maybe these?

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