Best Portrait Locations in the Lower Mainland 

When you’re choosing a location for your family photos in the Lower Mainland, your options are (almost) limitless! There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a location. You want your photos to be perfect – a reflection of who you are, and a great experience to shoot!  Ultimately, when trying to decide on the best family photo location in the Lower Mainland, the biggest factors to consider are the environment and your comfort.

What time of year is it? The season will obviously affect how a location looks and feels in photographs. Does it need to have a rain option available? What time of day will we be shooting? Lighting changes daily (hourly!) and is the largest uncontrollable factor for a photograph. In other words, results may vary. 😉 But if we choose a location with the season and time of day in mind, we can always use the lighting – whatever it may be! – to our favour. 

Of course, the biggest factor is a simple one: Where will you feel most comfortable, most like yourself? The best location is the one where you feel the most comfortable, the most like yourself. Don’t choose an urban location if you hate the city.  Don’t hike into the wilderness if you will wear high heels. For family photos, a park in your town can be ideal; a shorter commute usually means happier kids AND a park they’ve been to before can encourage comfort faster. And remember, there is no shame in bringing along their favourite treat of choice! Think of it as a reward for beautiful smiles and excellent behaviour – not a bribe. 😉

If possible, try not to overthink the location choice: the pivotal ingredient to beautiful photos will be the lighting and the laughter. And so, here are some of the best family photo locations in the Lower Mainland. 

Pitt Lake

A perfect location for the adventurous, Pitt Lake provides the quintessential, flawless BC mountain backdrop. The pro or con, depending on how you look at it, is there is no cell phone coverage and no restroom facilities. If you want something truly in the wild – this is it. Pitt Lake offers the best shoots two to three hours before sunset. Note – this location is VERY popular. If you really want to avoid the crowds, weekdays can be a great option. 

Best Portrait Locations in the Lower Mainland: White Rock

The ocean. Enough said. 😉 White Rock is a stunning ocean location, with picturesque local features like the wooden pier or the big white rock. You will also have the option to walk from the ocean to colourful alleyways for unique variety. White Rock can be crowded in the summer, especially at sunset, but if you are willing to brave the crowds, it is absolutely worth it. 

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach is the best of EVERY world. With easy access to oceanfront, and forest, and field, it is the absolute outdoor location triple threat. It can be crowded in the summer and parking can often be a challenge, so come prepared for a bit of a walk! 

Stewart Historic Farm

Steward Historic Farm is a great family friendly location. Beautifully landscaped gardens as well as a nice variety of orchards and historic buildings (including a rustic barn and a farmhouse porch!), and a river backdrop, it provides lots of options, while also being close to the needed amenities (ie: lots of parking and public washrooms!). And of course, you can plan to take the farmhouse tour after your photos are done – a fun reward for big smiles and cheerful attitudes! 

Best Portrait Locations in the Lower Mainland: Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Park

Alouette Lake is the picture perfect BC lake experience. Stunning waters surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, it is the perfect combination of forest pathways, beach, and mountain views. It also has plenty of space for a post-photos picnic! 

Best Portrait Locations in Lower Mainland: Redwood Park

Redwood Park is the perfect spot if you are looking for something a little more eclectic and unique. Filled with giant, old growth trees, open fields, and beautiful pathways, Redwood Park also offers a one of a kind tree house as a backdrop, or a forest flood covered (and I do mean covered!) in colourful, handmade birdhouses. It’s the perfect spot to capture your unique spunk and style!

Best Portrait Locations in Lower Mainland: Surrey Bend Regional Park

Surrey Bend Regional Park is the perfect spot if you simply want to see where the day takes you. With a variety of fields and mountain views, there are few crowds and plenty of space to roam. This is also a great spot for unique features – unique structures and art displays, exposed roots intertwined in old unrooted trees, river views, all make for great potential backdrops. 

And there you have, the best portrait locations in the Lower Mainland! And honestly, if you ask me for my favourite location? I’ll say the one I’m in right now.  I can make any location work for beautiful photos that capture you – and I’ll gladly prove it. 
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