Bridal: Alisha

Over a month ago, we had a rainy day. A very rainy day. We almost had to reschedule our shoot, in fact. But I had a plan…and Alisha was willing to trust me. So, there we were: a wedding dress, a bouquet of bright flowers, a pair of blue shoes, an entourage of family, and a bride … with me…in the rain…trying to keep it all dry. We succeeded.

No wedding dresses or hair styles were harmed in the creation of these images.


(And she’s finally married… as of 3 hours ago…so now I finally unveil her beauty for the online world!)

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  1. I love these pictures… made a rainy day the brightest ever!
    You are a beautiful girl Alisha!

  2. so beautiful 🙂

    and a bridal shoot? so like you went out and took pictures way before the wedding?? that is such a cool idea!

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