Classic Garden Wedding

She stood at the foot of the aisle. The sun setting in front of her, the sky glowing behind her. A breeze caught her cathedral-length veil and sent it flying. Oh, and she was crying. Sobbing, really. Her smile could not be contained. Her tears were flowing freely.  She was at her wedding. In her gown. Looking at her groom. Getting married. At last.

The tears, the wind, the sunset, the gown, the smile.

Romance was there, alive and well.



Her parents met her there, walking from their place among the bridal party to meet her at the end of the aisle.

The three embraced. The veil still fluttering. Tears definitely flowing.

They took a few steps, stopped to hug again before they left Amanda standing there alone … alone for the last time. Waiting on her man.

Her man.

Her groom.

Waiting to greet her.


During rehearsal, he had bounded from his place at the front to stand by her side. Leaping down the aisle, he met her quickly — a humorously delightful mix of running, skipping, and jumping.  Somehow, though, when she was there as his bride in white, his lovely wife-to-be, his wedding day … he contained himself and walked calmly… happily… to meet her where she waited.  He took each step purposefully, deliberately. Pondering each step with joy and reveling – really reveling –  in the moment.

The moment he would be her husband.

They met and waited for the music to cue them forward.

He couldn’t wait. Couldn’t stop himself.

Standing next to her, he slipped his arm around her shoulder and squeezed. Hard. Her smile got bigger – even when I didn’t think it could.

I wept.

It was too beautiful.



He had spent months landscaping the garden to ready it for his bride.

She had used the time to decide on flowers, dresses, colors, music, food, logistics.

They had been long preparing for this day. Their wedding day.

What had started as a rainy, stormy day turned into a pleasant, clear evening.  Nothing would stand in their way.

The rain left, chased away by prayers and pleas, left in its wake an evening of love and joy. Friends and family. Giggles and kisses. And two very happy people.


Celebrating their wedding day.

Updo’s Studio: hair and makeup
Rhonda: Wedding Coordinator Extraordinaire
Vern from WBFJ: DJ and Master of Ceremonies
Tammy and Crew: Catering
Jordan Tickle: My Ever Fabulous Assistant Photographer

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  1. O.kay… that settles it! I’m re-marrying Frank just so you can be our wedding photographer!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

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