Crescent Beach Engagement

When Julianna and Matthew planned their Crescent Beach Engagement session, we dreamed of a glowing sunset (kind of like this one) on the ocean; sunflare and dramatic skies were high hopes but despite all my attempts at manipulating the weather, the clouds settled in.  While I always love a good golden glow, there’s something very cozy about being wrapped in clouds and embracing the scenery in  a slightly more cozy way.

I mean, how can you go wrong with two such beautiful people so infatuated with one another hanging out in such a beautiful location? You can’t! Crescent Beach engagement photos are perfection no matter what!


Can’t you just feeeeel the love here??!  

Julianna and Matthew have such a beautiful relationship and almost telepathic communication.  It’s awesome to watch and I am so excited to celebrate their wedding this summer!

STOP IT YOU GUYS!  Aren’t they cute?!

See? I can’t complain about clouds when they look this magically dramatic!

We sat on the beach for a while after our shoot, waiting for sunset.  We got a little bit of a cotton candy glow to reward our relaxation on the beach.  😉 See? A Crescent Beach engagement session is the best!

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