Crescent Beach Family Photos

She stood on the edge of the world, teetering between the delights of an unknown expanse and the comforts of familiar reality. To her, it looked like a grand adventure waiting to be explored.  To her parents, however, she was just a few inches from soiling her outfit by falling face-first into the ocean.

(This might be today’s life lesson: perspective is important.  What I see as so beautifully fun might actually be dangerous. I can think a few life decisions that seemed like a good idea at a time and turned into a learning/growing moment  . . .:-P)

Penelope didn’t end up falling into the ocean and her outfit was kept spotless and we made many many memories.  In fact, an afternoon with Penelope and Colbin at Crescent Beach was the perfect afternoon.  We ran up and down the beach, played in our super secret cave hiding spots, collected seashells, skipped rocks into the ocean, watched the sun set across the Pacific, and raced back and forth (Colbin is fast . .. very fast!).  Basically, it was perfect togetherness in celebration of family, siblings, and new friends.


And then, because they are good sports to my whimsical requests, a photo that describes perfectly their life as parents to two and owners of Dancing for Dessert in Langley, BC:

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