Engaged: Ashley and Zack

Four years ago, he was just the persistent dude on MySpace (yes. MySpace. remember? before Facebook?) who claimed to know her through a mutual friend (to this day he can’t remember who it was, though) and kept messaging her, asking for a date.

She put him off.
Turned him down.
Ignored him.

He didn’t give up, though. This girl was worth pursuing and he was determined to prove himself worthy of the pursuit. He gritted his teeth. Sat at his computer. Typed another message. Kept up his patient ways. And finally (o, finally), she agreed to meet him for a date.

In the four years since that very first date, she has laughed every.single.day. because every.single.day she’s seen her crazy, goofy, persistent, determined man. And every.single.day he’s made her laugh.

And now – four years later – he’s her best friend, her fiance, and (when the fifth anniversary of their first date comes around), he’ll be her husband.

And she’s reaching for his hand.
Walking through life.

With him.





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