Engaged: Bradley & Jill (Leesburg, VA)


“He writes me letters on college ruled paper,” she told me, “And he has ever since we got together. I love his letters — he has such a way with words.”

He writes her letters.

Stacks and stacks of letters.

And she has them all.
Tied with a cream ribbon.
To read.
To remember.


His love for her.
On college ruled paper.

(Pass the kleenex…I don’t think I can handle the romance.)

He wrote letters on yellow legal pads.
On white paper out of a notebook.
On looseleaf binder paper.
Maybe even computer paper.

He drew stick figures. It helped tell the story.

He doodled hearts. And colored it in with pink.

She tied them all together with a bow.

And smiled.

He loves her.
She loves him.

And they’re getting married.

And someday . . . some beautiful day . . . she will tell her grand daughter.

About the letters.

She’ll sit in her rocking chair,
reading the lines of college ruled paper,
tied with a cream ribbon,
and smile.

Because he loves her.

(To be continued…)

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  1. Awww… my E did that too, every week while we were dating/engaged, and I still have them. They were the best time of the week!

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