Engaged: Cassie and Randall

When I asked Cassie why she loved Randall, she looked over her shoulder and grinned at her man behind her. He, in turn, walked just a little bit faster so he could grab her around the waist and give her a bear hug. She giggled.

“He’s not like any other man,” she said. “He’s sweet. He’s kind. And he makes me happy. Happier than I ever thought possible.”

I melted on the inside. A lot.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Literally. I look through all my photos of them and have to work to find pictures where he isn’t grinning ear-to-ear while he looks at his future wife.

She was happiest when she was in his arms; the pictures prove it. She smiles a lot bigger. And that’s a fact.

To me, Kernersville’s Fourth of July Park was just another place where I go to play tennis with my friends.

To them, it was a walk down memory lane. Back to seventh grade when he would try as hard as he could to sit next to her in every single class. Cuz he had a huge crush on her. Even then. So many years ago. He laughed: “I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Never stopped. It was like something told me: she’s for you.”

But they didn’t actually talk until tenth grade. By then they were in different schools, but connected on MySpace. The rest, as they say, is history.

It was October 2008. They’d finally graduated high school. Were trying to hang out with friends. At the park. At Fourth of July Park. But somehow, no one else showed up. And it was just the two of them. Swinging on the swing set, sliding down the slides, talking talking talking, laughing laughing laughing.

A few months later, they were still talking.

By the time he gave her his class ring, they knew it was serious.

Soon after, she gave him a ring, too.

They still wear their rings. On a chain. All the time.

But now he’s given her THE ring. An engagement ring.

And they’re getting married.

And now, as long as I can, I’m holding on with both hands
‘Cause forever I believe
That there’s nothing I could need but you
So if I haven’t yet, I’ve gotta let you know


You’re never gonna be alone from this moment on
If you ever feel like letting go, I won’t let you fall


When all hope is gone, I know that you can carry on


You’re never gonna be alone
From this moment on
If you ever feel like letting go
I won’t let you fall
You’re never gonna be alone



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