Family Photos at the Quay

When the wind is blustery, the frost is so thick it looks like snow, and you can see your breath:  this is not the best time to do outdoor family photos. (Just sayin’.  Maybe that’s stating the obvious? Oh well.)

But if you must take photos on such a chilly wintry morn’, make sure it’s family photos at the Quay in New Westminster.  In addition to the tugboat playhouse (my childhood was deprived!), the multi-coloured walls (my heart went pitter patter), and the people-watching entertainment (trust me), the River Market is the perfect place to scoot inside and warm up in between chilly adventures. And all this within a one-and-a-half-block radius from the parking lot.

I’ve had boatloads of fun photographing Andrew & Kelsy’s crew  over the past several years. In fact, the first such photo shoot was with the family of four-almost-five and now that it’s a family of five-almost-six, the gang is skilled at laughing at my antics and putting up with my requests (“walk like a dinosaur!” “let’s pretend we’re puppies!”) and turning bitterly cold days into warm fuzzy family adventures.

I’ve been sworn to strict secrecy with these photos until after December 25, when the intended recipients of these family photo Christmas presents will unwrap packages and squeal with glee (hopefully, anyway) at the cuteness stares up at them in these photos of their nephews/grandsons/son/daughter/brother/sister.

So here it is, December 26, and you’re done unwrapping your presents and throwing away the bows and playing with your new toys.  And these photos? They’ll live on for longer than the toys, longer than the batteries, longer than the books you’ll read this afternoon. . . framed on the walls, the perfect Christmas present.

Happy Christmas!

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