Gardens at Gray Gables Wedding

Her room was a bower of wedding delights.  Ten boxes of flower vases and the abundance of florals to fill them.  An intricately beaded wedding dress hanging in the corner.  A dresser top full of mementos from the past couple years of relationship:  a note from Brad to Jenna,  a snapshot of the two of them laughing together, a folder of wedding plans and preparations and task lists and reminders.

Across the house, Jenna sat in the kitchen with her bestest friends; they sang Broadway at the top of their lungs while the talented Updo’s crew wielded curling iron, hair spray, lip gloss, eye liner, bobby pins, and hair extensions.  Jenna issued reminders from her notebook of information.  The bridesmaids kept Jenna fed.  Dad buzzed in and out finalizing his project list and carrying boxes for transport to Gray Gables.

As Jenna settled into her wedding dress, on her wedding day, just a few moments before walking to meet her Brad and becoming his wife, a moment of calm settled across the room.  It was a full room –  four bridesmaids,  two flower girls, one ring bearer, three friends, one mom – but a delighted room, a peaceful room.

As a crowning blessing on the day, Jenna settled into her veil — the exact same floor length, double-layered, intricately designed veil that her mother had worn on her own wedding day. Arranging the tulle, positioning the headpiece, and breathing in the moment.  The bride was ready.

As the ceremony music swelled to their triumphant cue, they stood together, waiting.  Daddy and Daughter.

He looked at her, this firstborn daughter of his.  The last time he’d seen that veil on a bride,  he’d been escorting his brand new wife away from their wedding ceremony and into their reception. That had been many years ago; enough years ago that now their firstborn daughter was wearing the selfsame veil preparing to walk the last few steps as his little girl before she stepped out her into her own marriage.  The legacy was poignant, powerful.   Life’s full circle embodied in that veil;  a beautiful reminder of all that the past years had held and all that the coming years would promise.


This wedding day was made even more amazing by the incredible team of vendors:
venue:  Gardens at Gray Gables
hair and makeup:  Updos
coordinator:  Danielle of the Gardens at Gray Gables
flowers:  the bride and her bridesmaids
DJ and Photo Booth:  Anything Music DJ’s
catering:  Visions Catering
cupcakes: Artist’s Way Creations.

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