Secret Garden: A Modern Bridal Styled Shoot

Inside the Devan Greenhouse flower bower, I darted from question to activity:  setting up the cake designed by Cakes by Madison, helping Cas choose a necklace for her outfit, picking lipstick colors for Ashley, adjusting the fabulous bowtie from Arrow and Lace, making last minute adjustments to the skirts (I made from this skirts following this tutorial, with minor adjustments), greeting friends and discussing lens details with every geeky finesse you can imagine.  In that moment, in that one lovely evening, my four favorite activities collided into one beautiful creation: a garden styled shoot in a greenhouse with tulle skirts and fabulous stilettos.  I love the artistry of taking a concept from a vision to reality.  I love the beauty of friendships forged by the common bond of a shared passion (in this case: photography).  I love the geeky, nerdy, always-ever-learning of the growing and changing world of photography that stretches my brain to learn and grow.  I love using my camera to showcase the beauty in humanity that God created so masterfully.

Four months ago, I was journaling my planning, dreaming, brainstorming, hoping, wishing.  I asked myself one little-but-powerful question:  “If I could shoot anything I wanted to, what would I shoot?” Pondered, mused, questioned.  Took a run, thought some more.  Made a cake, thought some more.  Biked around town, thought some more. The full answer is broad and vague; it includes  the adoration of a newly engaged couple, the trumpets-blaring-bells-ringing joy of a victorious wedding day, the squishy cheeks of newborns and their superhero parents and those doting siblings and the time-tested-love of a 50th anniversary.  In sum, it’s the beauty and joy of relationships. But, more than anything, I decided I needed to shoot for me; I needed bright colors and twirling skirts and fabulous heels and happy art.  And then decided: “Why am I not just going out and creating what I want to shoot?”  So I did.  With the help of five fabulous photographers and talented vendor, I shot what I wanted to shoot.

Somewhere between buying the tulle and crafting the skirts, inviting some of the most fabulous people in the Lower Mainland to come shoot with me, showing up at the greenhouse to start shooting, and hanging out at Starbucks afterwards laughing with these dear kindred spirits, I was reminded why I love what I do:  the creating, the doing, the relating.  An art that is only art because of togetherness.  The togetherness of a photography community, the togetherness of an engaged couple, the togetherness of a wedding day, the togetherness of a family, the togetherness of five photographers collaborating on a photo shoot to create art for the sake of art, beauty for the sake of beauty, laughter for the sake of laughter.

This was the Shoot Out.  This was the dream-to-reality.

The Talent Behind the Art:

Photographer: Jenni Marie Photography
Photographer: Sherri Preston Photography
Photographer: Darbey Delaney Photography
Photographer: Urban Fig Photography
Photographer: Sarah
Cake: Cakes by Madison
Bowtie: Arrow & Lace Designs
Venue: Devan Greenhouses

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