Golden Ears Sunrise Portraits

Golden Ears sunrise portraits

Photography takes me into the most amazing experiences. Some are wildly outrageous like the times I flew in a helicopter to mountainscape and remote lake or remarkably adventurous like the time I hiked to a mountaintop during my client’s honeymoon. Some are simply lovely like the time I relished in a sentimental backyard wedding day.  Sometimes, though, the amazing experience is all about timing like this Golden Ears sunrise portrait session on a Tuesday morning.

A few days before the autumn time change, I pulled up to the Golden Ears Provincial Park gate at 7:50am in the gray darkness of a foggy pre-dawn. While waiting for Adielle and Cezar to arrive for their Golden Ears sunrise portraits (I always get to portrait sessions early. . . it’s who I am!), I couldn’t quite figure out how the park was so busy on a Tuesday morning but found myself inspired by the steady stream of cars heading into the park. Go Maple Ridge! Getting out on a foggy morning! Way to be active!

When we drove into the park to the location I had planned to explore for sunrise, we discovered why the park was so trafficked: a film crew was setting up for a day of making a horror movie! (I obsessively check the neon signs perpetually around town and cross reference with the Filming in Vancouver listing. It’s such a novelty living in the Hollywood of the north!)

Our alternative location was fantastic, though, (reality: all of Golden Ears is perfection) and was the better option anyway . . . when you see the reflection I found IN A PUDDLE you’ll understand why.

(Also: be sure to notice Adielle’s dress! She picked it out THE NIGHT BEFORE. How did you do it, friend? Such simple elegance on a whim! =D)

Golden Ears sunrise portraits

(If you look closely above you can see the film crew swarming the beach.)

Golden Ears sunrise portraits

Fun story about Adielle: she has been in my cheering section ever since I moved to Canada. Her messages filled with compliments and encouragement on so many of my social media posts and photography projects have become such a treasured piece of kindness. My love language  is solidly “words of affirmation” so any encouraging word digs deep into my soul. Being able to photograph her with her man was such a tremendous privilege. (And a stunning location didn’t hurt at all, either!)

For the record, Cezar you’re looking pretty dapper yourself. And guys! Notice that glance of adoration. My heart melts, people. Such beauty!

Now before you scroll anymore, you should know that the below photo is MY FAVORITE FROM THIS ENTIRE SESSION. Between the drama of the skies, the reflection of the water, and the perfectly elegant twirl: I kinda died and went to heaven at this precise moment.

Golden Ears Provincial Park Portrait Session

As a fun twist on the standard sunrise portrait session (I jest: there is no such thing as “standard” and “sunrise” together), Cezar tracked down smoke bombs on his day off to fulfill his gal’s dream of a dramatic portrait.  If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!  If you’ve never seen the chaotic beauty of a smoke bomb in person, you should know that the smoke moves fast in even the slightest breeze and when it unexpectedly blows into your face it’s an unpleasant encounter. 😉   How do these guys manage to look so smokin’ while the smoke is whipping around them?  It’s beyond me. =D


The drama! The love! The snuggle!

Adielle and Cezar: you guys made a Tuesday morning Golden Ears sunrise the highlight of my month.  Way to be fantastically awesome. =D

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