Grouse Mountain Engagement Photos

When we first made the plan to meet for Grouse Mountain engagement photos, April’s number one dream was to get a beaver tail afterwards. (Priorities, right?! I loved it!)  So after we finished hiking the snowshoe trail and making magic in the light walk, we started The Quest For BeaverTails.

No joke: we talked to FIVE different employees, asking for directions to the beavertails. Each one pointed us in the same general direction, across the ski hill and past the rental building. We trudged through the snow, dodged beginner skiers, and got lost in the darkness. We eventually had to get a ski lift attendant to guide us to the right place.

Remember how I said we talked to five different employees?

Not one of them (even the ski lift attendant who skied backwards while chatting about beavertails) thought to mention that it would be closed once we got to the sweet, delicious, glorious destination.

What did they think we wanted? To look at the building?! 😛

We never did get a beavertail, but there’s always next time!

Grouse Mountain Engagement Photos in the Fog

Scheduling an engagement session in the middle of winter is a bold move.  Will it rain? Will it snow? Will there be an ice storm? Will we stay warm enough? Despite all the questions (and the questionable drive of rain and fog to their Grouse Mountain engagement photos), April & Brandyn were champs in the adventure and the risk meant undeniable reward.  In case you’re ever wondering: fog will magical photos make!

Grouse Mountain Engagement Photos in the Fog

In addition to being adventuring souls and disappointed Beavertails fans (hehe), I especially loved how well Brandyn and April love each other. A glance communicated an entire thought, it seemed, and there was definitely some finishing-of-each-others-sentences!

Grouse Mountain Engagement Photos in the Fog

Grouse Mountain Engagement Photos in the Fog meant we wandered the light walk in a misty dusk and marveled at the droplets of water suspended in the air when I pulled out my off camera flash for some magical moments.

Did I mention magical fog?! Grouse Mountain Engagement Photos in the Fog

It may have been chilly, but with all this cuddling they didn’t seem to notice or mind! =D

We walked up the snowshoe grind (yup. walked. no snowshoes for us!) and found the most magical overlook of the mountains and valleys. As the fog kept rolling in and out, the scenery changed by the minute and the moments were magic.


April had her makeup done at MAC Cosmetics at The Bay. She’s already gorgeous, but the makeover sure does sparkle! (Or maybe that’s just a tiny fleck of rain on her eyelash?! :-P)

I love Grouse Mountain Engagement Photos in the fog (and even without the fog :-P) and I especially loved celebrated love, engagement, and soon-to-be-married with April & Brandyn.


Grouse Mountain Engagement Photos in the Fog

Aren’t they just the most adorable?  Grouse Mountain Engagement Photos in the Fog

I made them sit in the snow for this photo and I don’t regret it. (Well, okay, maybe a teeny bit…I sat in the snow a few minutes later and it was COLD!)  
Peak of Christmas Engagement Photos in the Fog

Would you like me to take your Grouse Mountain Engagement Photos? I can’t wait to hear from you!

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