Heronsbridge Wedding in the Forest

When Matt & Nicole decided on a Heronsbridge Wedding in the Forest, it wasn’t just happenstance.  Not at all.  Instead, I believe it was a providential decision designed to keep their guests (and themselves!) as cool as possible on one of the hottest days of the century/decade/year/month (I’m pretty sure it was actually all of the above).

Abbotsford hit record breaking temperatures and we all felt the sweat drip down our backs as we watched Nicole enter the forest to the sound of her own beautiful voice.  Yes, that’s right.  The sweat mingled with tears of joy with the raw emotion of the moment; she recorded herself so she could sing her way into her magical forest wedding.

I probably shouldn’t talk so much about sweat on a blog post about a glorious wedding day; feels a little mundane to be salty sweat when the day was so filled with surreal moments and joy-filled laughter. But isn’t that life? And marriage?  A little mundane to go along with the powerful beauty.

I MEAN LOOK AT THAT! Everytime I shoot a Heronsbridge wedding, I find myself even more in awe of the versatile, timeless beauty (and the limitless possibilities for decor and personalization!).

Heronsbridge Wedding in the Forest

An arch in the forest, a bower of flowers, and the most fairytale dress imaginable. And I didn’t even photoshop out any evidence of sweat. 😉 It just isn’t there. Truly. Promise.

Heronsbridge Wedding in the Forest

Matt & Nicole’s friends told the story a dozen ways: how they met in theatre, how Matt became BFF’s with Nicole’s dad, how eventually the “game nights” weren’t just Matt-and-Dad, how the first date was awkward beyond awkward, and how perfectly suited these two are for one another.

And oh my heart. Such a beautiful pair. Inside and out.

Watching them care for each other  during the intensity of a scorching hot wedding day was the perfect example of their teamwork and resilience and consideration and love.  Not just any love, but a deep and powerful love that is strengthened by obstacles, unwavering and unfaltering. 

“When I used to read about fairytales, I never thought  I’d end up in the middle of one”
[Alice in Wonderland]

  Heronsbridge Wedding in the Forest

I believe that the family and friends are some of the most important parts of a wedding day. Mostly, of course, because those are the people who forged the bride and groom into the individuals that are so perfectly suited to be together…but also because they’re the ones who have walked alongside the couple through the ups and downs leading up to The Wedding.  In this case, the family and friends did all that and SO MUCH MORE.  Every single piece of this wedding was done with love.  From the flowers to the makeup to the hair to the food to the desserts to the cake to the setup to the tear down.  Start to finish, top to bottom, through and through: the love for Nicole and Matt is simply oozing from the pores of their friends (it wasn’t just sweat :-P) and the fairytale wedding day came together beautifully because of the way these two are so loved by so many.

I really really really try not to pick favourites. Ever.  But this first dance scene miiiiiiight hit the top of the charts. LOOK AT THAT LIGHT! And those perfectly color[coordinated guest outfits (HOW?!) and those happy happy smiles!

If you want to see EVEN MORE photos from Nicole & Matt’s Heronsbridge Wedding in the Forest (and Deep Roots Farm Wedding reception), check out the slideshow!  Hint: you’ll get to see what happens when the groomsmen decide how to pose. When you see it, you’ll know. 😉

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