I’m Thankful for my Wedding Photographer

When I found myself engaged, planning a wedding, and starting the process toward a cross-country move, one decision outranked all the others: my wedding photographer. Plus, it was one of the first questions out of the mouth of any friend/relative/acquaintance (in many cases, it came even before “have you picked a date?”), adding to the already tension-filled process.  After interrogations and portfolio reviews and lengthy correspondence, I blissfully chose Red, White, and Green Photography based in Charlotte, NC.

The best decision.

I am so thankful I chose Jenna (not only for her super beautiful name :-P) but mostly for her exquisitely beautiful photos.   I am so thankful for her easy-going presence on my wedding day, unruffled by my tension as I teetered on the brink of so many life transitions.  I am so thankful for her delicious capture of unrespeakably treasured moments — like when we found out my cousins in Uganda had been able to  Skype into the wedding ceremony, or when we laughed our way through a surprise video from Uganda depicting the first time John and I met).  I am in awe of her artwork, forever preserved in my coffee table album.

As a lover-of-photos, one of the best decisions I could’ve made in planning the wedding was prioritizing a corner of the room for a photo booth.   I didn’t make it clear that I really really wanted everyone in my photo documentation (DAD! :-P) but a few of these gems are going to be forever cherished.

Like the loving laughter of my grandparents….

or the only photo I have of my boss/mentor/friend before he passed away a year later….

…or the adorableness of, well, the adorable. 😛

In the beauty, in the sorrow, in the cuteness: I have it documented for the cherishing.  And it’s all thanks to Gabrielle so kindly manning the camera.

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