Lindeman Lake Engagement

He was sitting on a rock shaped like a chair.  Not just a rock, you see, but a rock with a footstool and a comfortable curve. The perfect rock, of course, and a gleeful triumph for him on that August day while he waited for the rest of the hiking group to show up.  It was a singles group from a Langley church, a crew of like-minded adventurers hanging out on a Saturday morning in Chilliwack for a hike to Lindeman Lake.

She sat across the driveway from him, all alone.  Her seat wasn’t as comfortable – obviously – but since she was alone, he assumed they were both waiting for the Langley crew to show up.

“You want to come see my rock that looks like a chair?  It’s probably a better seat than that rock you’re sitting on.”

He had walked across the gravel, closed the distance between them, and made the first move. And – ohmy – what a smooth move it was. 😉  It’s not often a man will give up his recliner for a woman; that selfless deed did not go unnoticed.

She may or may not have rolled her eyes at him as he led the way back to the Rock.  Yeah, they were waiting for the same group.  Yeah, they’d had hiking and Church in common.  But – wow – what a pick up line! 😉

They chatted, waited, chatted, waited. . . and (finally!) hiked.

He became the focus of whole gaggle of giggling girls and she marched ahead of the flighty crew, determined to enjoy the hike despite the flirting folly behind her.  Basically, she ignored him.  Basically, he only wanted her attention.  Basically, it was like at first sight.  (The story gets a little fuzzy, though: who asked who out?  What was the first date?  Who liked who first? ) Basically, it was destiny, though, and all  because of a chair-shaped rock.

Since that’s where it all started, it made sense to enjoy a Lindeman Lake engagement session — including a vigorous hike, falling down a moss-covered rock because I tried to be a daredevil for a photo, and wading in bitter cold lake water.

I’m not sure words will properly describe my excitement for their Chilliwack wedding, nestled in the valley with Mount Cheam in the background of their outdooor ceremony. Can’t wait for summer, you guys!  seriously, though.  Wow.

If you missed Greg & Sara’s first engagement session among the Trinity Western University cherry blossoms, you should head over to see it. Right now. The cuteness continues. And abounds.

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