Meghan & Jason: The Parents

She pulled her favorite blanket out of the closet, where she’d tucked it away for safe keeping. He already had his blanket – a borrowed one – and was waiting by the patio door. Pausing next to him, she enjoyed the air conditioning while it lasted. The Ohio heat was ready to attack her just outside the door. They walked out, into the so-hot-the-flowers-were-wilting backyard, and settled in on their – separate – blankets for an afternoon of conversation.

That’s when she fell in love with him. His goofy humor, his compassionate sensibility, his silly antics. Over the previous months of phone calls and text messages, she hadn’t seen this side of him. And it made her laugh. Really laugh. Not just a polite, patient, toleration laugh. A REAL laugh.

He made her really laugh.

That was July 4th weekend, two years ago. In the meantime, a lot has changed. He proposed. She accepted. They married.

Now, instead of two blankets, they’re sitting on the same blanket…still in love…and ready to meet their baby.




The four (or would it be three and a half? or three-and-almost-four?) of us spent the day on Vancouver Island (but didn’t see any whales on the ferry ride. sad.), played with the butterflies at the Victoria Butterfly Garden, and toured the expansive flower beds of Butchart Gardens.

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  1. Beautiful beautiful photos! My favorites are the one of Meghan And tummy peeking behind the bush, Jason kissing the tummy and the carousel ones. And of course the canopy of flowers 🙂 awesome job!!

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