She squirmed away from her mom. So quickly, it almost looked easy.

Who needed a new jacket, anyway? The old one was perfectly fine. Miki, for one, didn’t mind that her tumble in the mud puddle had “ruined” the turquoise. Mom did.  She’s the one who wanted Miki to change outfits.  Miki wasn’t super excited about that idea: mud had never hurt anyone. Never.

It didn’t take much for Miki to move just out of reach. Her little feet might not have been faster than her Mom’s, but the element of surprise gave the advantage.  The red and hood of the new jacket was too pristine. Too perfect. It needed something. Something…extra.

Mom laughed, scooping Miki up into a bearhug to foil her giggling attempts at the mud puddle. Foiled. Very.

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