My Life as a Bride

Hi. That’s me. I’m a bride.

Yes. A bride.

I’m writing this a couple weeks before you’ll actually see this (it’s going to be auto published on my wedding day), but yes: that’s me. And, yes, I took my own bridal portraits.  Well, for full disclosure, I held the camera, set up the shot, adjusted the settings, handed the camera to my roommate and let her hold down the shutter.  But still. I’m a bride. And these are my bridal portraits.

Over the past six months since my engagement, I’ve developed a theory.  (I have lots of theories, but this one has proven true.)

Once you’re a bride, you’re ALWAYS a bride.  Whether I’m walking through the grocery store picking out foods favorite foods for my reception or hanging out at the gym to relieve the inevitable stress or grabbing ice cream with my friends or living on Starbucks or browing bridal magazines at the library, I’m ALWAYS a bride.

When I’m sitting at my computer working on someone else’s wedding portraits, I’m thinking about who will take my own wedding pictures.
When I’m hanging out on pinterest, I’m collecting ideas for my DIY elements.
When I’m cooking dinner I’m wondering whether my husband will like the recipe.
When I’m chilling at the mall, I’m looking for the right bridesmaids accessories.

No matter what I’m doing, I’m ALWAYS a bride.

When I’m planning our honeymoon roadtrip…

…when I’m grabbing a Starbucks treat…

…when I’m tying up my running shoes…

…when I hit the treadmill…

…when I pick out pizza…

…when I drop pizza on the floor…

…when I can’t pick out a new cereal…

…when I go grab ice cream…

…when I choose my favorite flavor at Feeney’s…

…I’m always a bride.


P.S. I designed my gown while on my trip to Vietnam with the help of HongPhu Bridal – talk about an amazing experience! A dress from start to finish in ten days.

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  1. You are Beautiful! Judah and I both like the pictures. It’s pretty impressive when you can do your own photo shoot!

  2. i love your pics jenn especially the black and white one of you in the library where you were looking down and the black and white one of you with your hands in your pocket, love them jenn congrats.

  3. What a fun idea! you must have had a lot of comments!you’re beautiful!! and even more beautiful on the day! 😀

  4. So love this! You were (by far!) one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen. Was so blessed to be there with you on your wedding day!! 😀

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