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I’m sitting cozy on my couch industriously working on my laptop while the cats intermittently play and sleep.  It’s perfectly fitting that as I type this I hear the delivery man at my door, unloading my order; he’ll ring the door bell any minute now to let me confirm delivery and sign the receipt.  I’m still sitting cozy on my couch typing this post as my groceries show up at my door.

Online grocery shopping at Save-on-Foods has become my new favorite convenience of modern invention.


Online grocery shopping is such a luxury, I expected the limo driver to chauffeur me around town while calling me “ma’am” and holding the door open while I pranced around in my Louboutins and carrying my Prada bag. (Or, at the very least, I expected it would cost at least as much as a Prada knockoff.)

Instead, though, this “luxury” of two months ago has become the staple of sanity today.  Online grocery shopping.


This Autumn, I focused on making 2 – 3 new dishes every week. I scoured  websites, scoped Pinterest, catalogued old foodie magazines, and forced myself out of that rut. The same meals every week is only as fun as the safety of that routine; I was getting bored.

In the process, I have created a rotating six week menu plan.  I try to include a crock pot meal, a comfort food, and a large pot meal; the goal is to feed John and I for dinner while also leaving 1 – 2 servings of leftovers for lunches.  I don’t want to overcook (too many leftovers) or under cook (not enough food) but I also want variety.

With this six week menu plan, I have created shopping lists for each menu plan on SaveOnFoods.com.


I open the appropriate shopping list, click “Add All to Cart”, add my random items (cereal, milk, coffee creamer, bread are not on the menu-specific shopping list), choose my delivery time, pay $4.95 delivery fee, and wait at home while my groceries come to me.

Then when it’s time for supper? I open Google Keep and check the week’s menu, decide which of the 3 – 4 meals I want to prepare, start cooking.  Easy peasy.


Even though Save On Foods should probably hire me for as much as I sing their praises from the rooftops (professionals? mothers? retired? SHOP ONLINE FOR GROCERIES!), these opinions on grocery delivery service are in no way, shape, or form associated with them in any capacity.  Just sayin’. 

My goal in this season of being gloriously busy is to allow myself margin wherever possible. Sometimes that means saying “no” to fun projects, sometimes that means asking for help, sometimes that means stopping for a cup of tea during a hectic day and sometimes that means grocery shopping online.

A $5 very well spent, if you ask me.


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