Reasons to Have a Fall Wedding

It’s fall, y’all! Whether you are silently weeping at the end of summer, or rejoicing at the cooler temperatures, fall is a magical season in its own right. And fall weddings? Please. Let’s just harness that magic, shall we? The changing leaves, the cozy new drinks (pumpkin spice anyone?), and the fresh start that comes with a new school year, here are 7 reasons to have a fall wedding. 

Reasons to Have a Fall Wedding

Reasons to Have a Fall Wedding

You won’t freeze… Or melt. 


Fall has that perfect, crisp-cool temperature. Gone are the sweaty days of summer, but you also haven’t quite hit the shiver-worthy temperatures of winter. Fall is the perfect time for outdoor photos. Embrace the long sleeves, or add a cozy shawl to your ensemble for added coziness, and enjoy the perfect in-between weather. 



Fresh starts.


It’s funny how each season seems to represent change in its own way. You have the new life of spring, the new year of winter, and the new season of rest in summer. Fall is the beginning of the school year, and even when we are well past our lunchbox and pencil kit days, September continues to represent the start of a new “year” for many. What better time to start of the biggest new thing of all? 


Pumpkin and spice and everything nice. 


There is a reason that pumpkin spice stands queen of the fall flavours. Whether it’s in muffins, lattes, or a Thanksgiving pie, pumpkin pairs well with so many things. Incorporate the beautiful, rich orange into your colour scheme (more on that to follow), or let it fill your menu with savory soups, rich pasta sauces or curries, and spicy-sweet desserts. And of course, we can’t fail to mention the decor. For simple and affordable, yet oh-so-picturesque centerpieces or stage decor, use orange and white pumpkins to bring the bounty of the season into your special day. 

Reasons to Have a Fall Wedding

Changing leaves colour schemes. 


Deep hues and mixed-spice sort of colour palettes mark the fall season. Match the changing leaves with dark reds, burnt oranges, and mustard yellow. Bring the outdoors in with dark forest greens, rich browns or misty grey’s. The fall colour schemes are cozy, romantic, and well worth the wait.  


Apple cider and s’mores. 


Fall is the time where the cozy drinks of winter and the outdoor venues of summer collide … Like the hot chocolate bar of winter, or the lemonade stand of summer, fall creates the perfect opening for an apple cider bar. Add cinnamon or caramel, whipped cream or toffee bits, and stir up some apple cider magic. And maybe a maple chai latte or two, just for good measure.


And summer needs to move over and share, because s’mores are for fall too! Get cozy around a fire, and roast the perfect, toasty marshmallow.  Would you be brave enough to roast a marshmallow on your wedding dress? 

Reasons to Have a Fall Wedding


Travel on a dime.


For both the guests coming to your wedding, and you off on your honeymoon, the bookend season of fall is ideal for getting the beginning of those off season travel discounts. Travel on the shoulder for great deals on amazing locations. Few things are more picturesque than the North American East Coast in the fall, and Europe in September and October is stunning – beautiful crisp weather with falling prices. 


Soups and soul-warming spreads. 


Is there anything that says comfort quite like the warm meals we rediscover in the fall? Soups, sweet and savory pumpkin and squash, hearty stews and creamy pastas … Not to mention the desserts – piping hot bread pudding covered in rich, warm caramel, mini pies (pumpkin, pear, pecan, and of course, apple), all these delicious comfort foods could grace your wedding table in the fall. And let’s not forget the aforementioned s’mores… 


There are so many reasons to have a fall wedding. The ideal weather, the rich colour palettes, and the flavours of the harvest, are just some of the reasons to embrace fall as the perfect season for your wedding. 


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