Reasons to Have a First Look

First Look

It’s a quiet, intimate moment between you and your almost-spouse. For a split second in an otherwise wonderfully crazy day, it’s just the two of you. A moment to pause, look into each other’s eyes and remember that the love you share is the reason you are there.

There are many reasons to do a first look. On a practical level it results in pictures while everything is still fresh and can greatly help with the scheduling of your day. On a personal level, it provides a moment to simply be together, enjoy each other’s presence and calm your nerves. No matter when you see each other for the first time on that day, it’s going to be an incredible moment – here are five reasons to make that moment a first look.

First Look


Still-perfect hair and makeup, untouched by the hours of the day? Yes please. A first look allows you to get those first, intimate pictures before you’ve been hugged by a hundred people and pulled in a thousand directions. You’ll look amazing all day, there is no question about that, but a first look lets you capture all that beauty at its freshest.

This also applies to you, as a person. A first look lets you capture the excitement and anticipation going into the wedding, before you’ve hugged eighty-seven guests or walked for hours in your heels.

It Opens Up Your Timeline

How often have you been to a wedding where the bride and groom barely have time to say a quick hello at each table, if they make it to all of them at all?

The beautiful thing about the reception is that it’s really a giant after party. You’re married! It’s time to celebrate. A first look followed by pictures before the wedding means that the precious time between your ceremony and reception can be spent with your guests. Mingle, relax and enjoy being with the people who love and care for you the most.

Calm Your Nerves

Let’s face it: everyone gets some pre-wedding jitters. That’s ok – it’s a big day! A first look gives you the chance to just be together before everything really gets rolling, to take a second to be just the two of you and relax and enjoy each others company.

So breathe. Take a moment for just the two of you and celebrate the love you share. Remember that at the end of this day will be something even better – you’ll be married. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Capturing That First Moment

Nothing stops a man dead in his tracks like the first sight of his bride on his wedding day. It’s a moment that will never be forgotten. The first time she sees her groom waiting for her – the first time he sees his bride coming towards him. A first look captures that moment forever – the sheer joy of being together at the very beginning of their new life.

Having a first look gives you that quiet moment and captures it forever on film. That first excited, nervous, shy, overjoyed moment. The pictures of that captured moment are ones you will treasure forever.

First Look

A Quiet Moment

Let’s face it: no matter what anyone says, the wedding isn’t just for you. It’s the celebration of a whole community who loves you and rejoices with you in your new marriage. It’s a celebration for the people who raised you, who’ve walked with you, loved you, and supported you through the years. And that’s an amazing, beautiful thing.

The first look is just for you. It’s an intimate moment that is only for your eyes, to be together and take a moment to savour each other’s presence and beauty. So stand in awe of how beautiful the woman before you is. To wonder at how strong and caring the man is who’s promising to be yours. Take a moment before starting everything else, and just be together.

At the end of the day, no one can decide if a first look is right for you but you. Think about what you want your day to look like, and how a first look could fit into that. And remember – that moment is going to be beautiful, whether it’s at the front of the church, or a quiet space just the two of you.


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