Robson Square Engagement Photos

In order to truly appreciate the beauty of these Robson Square Engagement Photos, you must first understand that the rain had been intense during the week prior and the inevitability of a damp morning was undeniable.  Braced for chill and prepared for rain, imagine our delight when the sun rose over Vancouver and was only barely obscured by the clouds.

Cortney & Brent chose Robson Square Engagement Photos out of sentimentality: only a month ago, Brent handed his camera to an unsuspecting stranger in front of the Christmas tree and asked for a couple photos of he and his girlfriend before dinner.

“One more,” he requested of the obliging man who had already taken several photos. And that’s how they have a photo of the moment Brent asked Cortney to be his wife.

Robson Square Engagement Photos

When Cortney showed up in this vibrant red coat, I knew the morning would be swell.

Robson Square Engagement Photos

I wish I could say that I am the reason for their belly-laugh here, but it definitely wasn’t my fault that they’re cracking up. Definitely not.

It’s been a while since I’ve photographed downtown. The colors-and-textures are so opposite the lush greenery of a mountainscape, and I loved it. The only thing I don’t like about photography in the Vancouver is the plight of finding a parking spot. 😛

I think she likes him . . .

You would think it isn’t cold at all, right? (Wrong: it actually was quite chilly! Troopers, aren’t they?)

robson square engagement photos

Here’s what I love about Robson Square Engagement Photos: one minute you’re in a city hub basking in the hustle and bustle, but the next minute (and a couple of kilometers of stop lights!) you’re admiring the cityscape from a forest. Vancouver is the best city. Hands down the best.

Stanley Park engagement photos

And then – boom – we’re in a glorious forest and you’d never know we were still almost within sight of the city!

Possibly my favorite set from the day. But surely you’re not asking me to choose favorites.

How cozy are they?!

Talk about beautiful.

As much as I feel renewed love for the city, ferns will always always always be my first love.

I loved photographing Cortney & Brent’s Robson Square engagement photos (with detour to Stanley Park, too!) and I can’t wait for their wedding later this year!

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