Sky Helicopter Wedding


With a blur of safety instructions and a whir of the blades, the SKY Helicopter wedding celebration rose gently from earth and ascended into the golden beauty of a Fraser Valley sunset.  Soaring through a golden sunset on the wings of anticipation, if you’ll let me paraphrase Anne Shirley, and flying high on the excitement of a mountain top sunset.

A SKY Helicopter wedding shoot is off-the-charts awesome, through-the-roof spectacular, and is more-amazing-than-words-and-photos-can-describe.  Add in a mountain top sunset with a surprise rainbow?  Let’s call it #beautifulbritishcolumbia at its finest.

sky-helicopter-wedding-5 sky-helicopter-wedding-10


The four of us (bride, groom, photographer, makeup artist) plus our fantastic Sky Helicopter pilot took off from Pitt Meadows Airport and soared above the Fraser Valley, over the agricultural artwork at Meadows Maze, along the Pitt River, past the Swaneset Bay Resort & Country Club, and up into the wilderness beauty that surrounds Coquitlam Mountain.

As we landed on the mountaintop and gasped in awe – the 360° view will never be properly captured in photograph, no matter how hard I tried – I pinched myself: “Is this real life?!”

sky-helicopter-wedding-6 sky-helicopter-wedding-2 sky-helicopter-wedding-4

Brooke’s beauty was rivaled only by the landscape – please don’t make me decide which was more stunning?  Brooke glowed in her dress from House of Vienna and Meghan did gorgeous work creating a subtly elegant hair & makeup look.


Using “mountaintop sunset” as her inspiration, Alexis from Simply Perfect Flowers in Abbotsford created a bouquet that exudes sunset. I’m in awe of how her brain (and fingers!) work to create such artistry from flowers and twigs and berries.


If you’re interested in a Sky Helicopter wedding shoot (or a mountaintop elopement!), I can’t wait to hear from you. The adventure is tangible and the beauty is powerful.

Mountaintop via SKY Helicopters

Flowers: Simply Perfect Flowers

Hair/Makeup: @makeup.by.mightymegh

Dress: House of Vienna 

Photography: Jenni Marie Photography

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