St. David’s School Wedding

No smile has ever been that big. No joy ever that full. After years and years of waiting patiently, Zachary and Annie were joyfully – but just a tad impatiently – waiting for the moment to see one another on their wedding day. Annie had been watching out the window, just for a glimpse of her man. She would stand at the corner of the glass and peer out, that smile of hers ever-present. As she’d catch a glimpse, the smile (somehow) became bigger and the joy fuller. She’d settle back into the moment of fun with her girls, glad to know he was so close.

Zachary and Annie met before high school. He was twelve and he was the new boy in Sunday School; of course 11-year-old Annie would have a crush on him, right? But Annie didn’t know that the new boy also had a pretty incredible crush on her. Only it wasn’t just a crush. It was deeper and bigger than that. It was the beginning of a friendship that turned into a courtship that turned into an engagement that turned into a wedding day full of smiles and love.

She stood at the top of the stairs, coming to see her man.

He stood at the foot of the stairs, eyes closed until she told him she was ready.

She giggled.  Zachary stood patiently.

The beauty was overwhelming. I wept.

And there they were. Annie and Zachary. Ten years after their first meeting, seeing one another on their wedding day. The joy in that room was tangible.




bridal party









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  1. Jennifer, you did a wonderful job. Thank you for being a part of the exciting day. You did an EXCELLENT job with the pictures! You captured the perfect moments and were able to show the love and happiness of the day so well!
    Sister of the Bride

  2. What a beautiful wedding. I don’t know when I’ve seen a more radiant or happier couple. How exquisite! Puddles of thanks for sharing your lovely day with your Grove City “family”. What a treasure you are – but how we will miss your your sweet smile at Covenant Church.


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