Sunrise Engagement Photos

What these sunrise engagement photos don’t show is the bitter cold of a March morning and how many times we jumped back into the truck to blast the heat and warm up while waiting for the next streak of light to cut across the valley. What these photos don’t show is the alarm clocks that shrilled into our respective slumbers at o’dark thirty to get us from bleary-eyed to photo-ready. What these photos don’t show is the  glares when I begged Megan and Joel to take off their jackets to show off their coordinating outfits.

What these photos do show is how perfectly worthwhile it is to sacrifice a little sleep and warmth to be able to revel in the glory of a private light show.

While I will always love sunset (and especially love how it doesn’t interfere with sleep schedules :-P), I cherish sunrise engagement photos because it’s an opportunity to enjoy a scene that most of the world is ignoring. (And often means there’s less people  at busy locations — like when I did sunrise engagement photos at Robson Square – and is sometimes the only/best time to get together for busy professionals.)

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