Temple Wedding

Abbey giggled. “When I saw him walk into my church, my heart went pitter patter. I’d never seen him before, but, oh, he looked good.” Her Mom laughed and broke in: “That’s all I heard about when we went home for lunch that afternoon. Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben.”

So, they started talking. And dating. And soon Ben was part of her family. And, well, Abbey was smitten. Oh, and her brothers loved him. And her Dad. And her Mom. Life was good.

But one slight problem. She had to go back to college at the end of the summer, leaving her Ben behind. She thought they could do the long distance thing, but within one week (ONE week, I tell you!) she gave up on that idea, and when Ben came to see her for Labor Day weekend, she surprised him: “I’m coming back home! I can’t miss you like this anymore.”

Fast forward three months and Abbey was in her gorgeous white dress, smelling her luscious roses every few minutes (yep, they smelled that good), and Ben was — IS — her husband. She held his hand, hardly letting it go, even for a minute. He smiled at her, helped her adjust her veil, kept her warm with his hugs, and kissed her in the snowfall.

Not sure it gets much better than that.

Not at all.

The day started with the sealing ceremony at the Temple in Raleigh — what a magnificent building, eh? — and the snow didn’t start until we were on the way back to Greensboro for more pictures before the reception in High Point.  (And, yes, thats a lot of miles, in case you were counting.)

I loved hanging out with Abbey and Ben and all their family and friends. This wasn’t just a celebration of their wedding — it was a celebration of their lives, their journeys, their new life together, and their marriage. And, oh boy, it was a true celebration. Everyone came together to rejoice with them and party it up for them. And, oh yes, they knew how to party! More than that, though, the entire building was simply filled with love. And we’re not just talking the newlyweds. Everyone was basking in it. I can’t even really put my finger on what it was about the day — other than the entire group felt like one big family and was just hanging out at a family reunion. (And NOT an awkward “I don’t know these people but I’m related to them” sort of a family reunion; not at all!)

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