The Gaddis Family

Autumn turns to Winter. Winter turns to Springtime. Spring turns to Summer. The cycle repeats. Life moves on. Babies become toddlers. Toddlers become children. Children become teenagers.Teenagers become adults. Life moves on. An engagement session. A wedding. A high school senior. A family reunion. A flourishing blog. A published book. Life moves on.

Outside, the house looks like a delightful but stereotypical log cabin in a summer meadow. Chinked logs. Dormer windows. Blooming rose bush. Stepping inside the screen door, though, is an act of entering a vibrant respite. Vibrant because of the energetic family that laughs and loves inside those four walls. Respite because of the peace that pervades the energy. It’s a startling juxtoposition — energy and peace; vibrant and respite — but it’s there.

Two sons played basketball out back, another boy tinkered in his workshop creating custom fans. Dad came home from a up-north business trip in a flurry of changed flights and changed plans. Rainstorm threatened, rainstorm came. “We are nothing if not flexible,” Mom said with a laugh, the happy flexibility adding to the delight in their family home.

Life moves on, and it’s a joy filled delight.

If you happen to be a home schooling mom (and I know many of you are!): be sure to check out Cindy’s blog The Right Side of Normal. Between the blog, speaking engagements, and now a real-in-your-hands book (by the same name). That’s what twenty years of homeschool experience looks like.

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