The Mountains

So far, my favorite part of living in the Pacific Northwest is the 300 degree view of snow-capped mountains (the other sixty degrees is filled with beach and ocean…not half bad, yes?).  I drive up the road and see mountains.  I come out of the grocery store and see mountains.  I hang out at the gym and see mountains.  I drive toward the city and I see mountains.  I stand downtown and I see mountains.

It’s been hard, this transition to a new part of the country. You try being in a whole new country, with whole new currency, and a whole new culture, and a brand new set of normal. Oh, then add into the mix that being too honest about the challenges of transition creates confusion among new acquaintances and not being honest enough causes all sorts of confusion and challenges.

It ain’t fun.

Or easy.

But along the way, I learn to enjoy even the littlest moments of fun.  Like mountains. And snow-capped peaks. And temporary blue skies.

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