Tommy is One Year Old

The day was going well until he got out of bed.  No sisters to play with? No brother to share the toys? Something didn’t feel quite right.  Not right at all.  As the youngest of four, Tommy wasn’t quite used to this eery aloneness; it flustered his world.  Sisters and brother were spending the day with the grandparents and Tommy had a whole day of just Mommy-and-Me time.

He adjusted quickly, of course.  Having Mommy all to himself?  Nothing to scoff at!  He cuddled with Mom, played with Mom, laughed at Mom, made faces with Mom.  His favoritest person in the whole wide world and a world full of toys to explore?  He was unwaveringly happy!

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  1. <3 Your work, what can I say new? So clever: the Mad Hatter, balloons, balloons + bubbles, the mirror and reflection! Awesome!

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