Vancouver Golf Club Wedding

I knew Sandy & Corey’s Vancouver Golf Club wedding day was destined for greatness from the almost the minute I met them. With a bucketfull of laughter, a healthy side of sarcasm, and a beautiful collection of emotion-full moments, this was a wedding day that simply could not be dampened by smoke or heat or wind or pandemic. I love every minute of the celebration (even when sweat was trickling down my back :-P) and it all started with one of the more memorable first looks I’ve ever witnessed.


First look over, we moved into the elegance of St. Andrew Kim Parish for the bilingual ceremony (I think that was only my second time photographing a bilingual wedding ceremony!) where the Knights of Columbus welcomed the bridal party with a sword arch! DUDE!

St. Andrew Kim Parish wedding

love the unity candle tradition.  It seems to be less common now than it was a decade ago, but it’s one of my favourite wedding ceremony elements!

St. Andrew Kim Parish wedding(Every wedding ought to have a sword arch exit with rose petals. Isn’t this stunning?!)

After the ceremony, Sandy & Corey took a limo ride (is there any other way to do it?!) up to Pitt Meadows for their Pitt Lake bridal portrait session. The smoke definitely added a certain haziness to the scenery, but it sure added a certain air of magic to the landscape.  And isn’t their wedding party gorgeous?!

Vancouver Golf Club Wedding

Wind can sometimes be a hard beast for wedding day photos (especially for hairstyles) but oh my goodness I LOVE the whimsy that the wind brings!

Vancouver Golf Club Wedding

I especially loved watching the flower’s ribbons dance in the breeze!  And aren’t these florals simply stunning?!

I saved my favourite photo for last. Isn’t it powerful?!

Vancouver Golf Club Wedding

To see more of this Vancouver Golf Club Wedding, check out the video slideshow below!


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