Jenni Marie Photography is for you if you…

  • Are in love with a great man
  • Aren’t afraid of a little rain
  • Want great photos filled with real life and emotions
  • Know you are created in God’s image
  • Love juxtaposing rugged adventure and femininity
  • Celebrate marriage, not just the wedding day
  • Don’t accept norms “just because”
  • Think outside the box
  • Believe in the beauty of a foggy day
  • Find art in everyday life

All wedding packages include

  • printing rights on all delivered images
  • customized timeline
  • fast and fun family photos
  • preview within one week
  • delivery of wedding images within one month

Wedding package prices from $2800, each one custom-built for your wedding day.  Elopements from $1300. For details on wedding packages, send me an email! 


Brides Love Jennifer

“These photos are way beyond more beautiful than I ever could have imagined, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve dreamed of these fall wedding photos for at least ten years.” – Brittany

“Jennifer did our wedding photography during a crazy ice storm in December and left us quite impressed. From the beginning she was very organized and made the process simple, something my now wife and I both appreciated greatly during planning. On the day of, she was fantastic with the weather, embraced the freezing rain, and went with the flow as things needed to be adjusted. She was also great with both of our families, from the young to the old, and stayed very efficient and on task (while remaining very cheerful I should add). Finally, we were very happy with the pictures we received a couple weeks after our wedding. She had managed to capture the unique icy setting and had gotten some great lighting out of what was a bit of a gloomy (albeit beautiful) day. We have a collection of very beautiful wedding photos now!” — Mitchell

“You know your wedding photographer is good when you start tearing up EVERY TIME you look through your wedding album!” – Laura

The photos Jennifer took truly capture the essence of my wedding day, and I am extremely happy with them. When our photos arrived, I felt like I was reliving our most special day.” – Ashleigh

“Ohhhhmyword Jennifer is the BOMB! She is incredibly talented, professional, and on the ball so you don’t have to worry about a single thing when it comes to your photos! But she’s also spunky, witty and hilarious so you’re sure to have fun during your shoot too 😉 My fiancé and I were both a little bit nervous heading into our engagement shoot because neither of us are fans of having our photos taken but Jennifer immediately set us at ease and we ended up having so much fun. It just felt like a date night with subtle paparazzi! I was also nervous for how the photos would turn out because I don’t generally like photos of myself but I LOVED every single one Jennifer took – she’s THAT good. Don’t hesitate to hire Jennifer – she is ONE OF A KIND! ❤️” – Rachel

“Jennifer found a way to channel those precious fleeting moments that we all glimpse and makes them stand still and last forever – it takes my breath away.” – Bobbi


Watch: A Peek into an Engagement Session


How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

I won’t sugar-coat it. You have a lot of decisions to make while planning a wedding. But in all the choices you’ll make for your wedding day, the most lasting one will be in the photographs. Here is where the food, the flowers, the dress, and the venue will come to life. This is how you’ll remember your big day for years to come. Here are my top-three tips for nailing the photographer choice.

Find a photographer you like to photograph your Fraser Valley wedding

More than liking the photos, you should also like the person! You’re welcoming this person into your most important and exciting moments and asking them to stick closer to you than any other vendor you work with. You have to like your wedding photographer. Loving your photos is valuable but loving your photographer is priceless.

Find a photographer who is well-respected and well-established to help you document your fun.

As easy as it is in our iPhone-driven world to take and share pretty good photos, a photographer is not just taking a snapshot of a moment. A good wedding photographer is drawing upon years of experience to give you living proof of your wedding day.

But how do you tell whether or not a photographer is a pro?

  • Has the photographer shot in a range of settings, in a variety of conditions? Look for variety in your photographer’s portfolio images
  • Does the photographer have happy previous clients? Asking for references is completely acceptable
  • Does the photographer have wedding experience? Not just wedding portraits, but wedding day celebration.

Find a photographer who likes you.

You want your wedding photographer to like you because you’ll get better photographs.  Plain and simple. You don’t want someone who’s just showing up for the paycheque. You want someone who loves what they do, treats their art like the the business it is, and who will treat you as the VIP customer you are. If your wedding photographer likes you and not just your business, you will receive a photographer who pours heart and soul into making sure you have the best experience possible.


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