My Week in Arizona

Arizona has been long cherished in my heart of hearts:  the huge sky gives my soul room to breathe, the morning birds sing a familiar only-in-African tune, the year-round wall of warm air outside every door is delightful.   My college roommate lives in Phoenix.  My brother lives in Tucson. My cheerleader-adopted-mom lives in Yuma.  Last spring, I photographed among the peach blossoms an elegantly fun wedding And this trip?  I got to celebrate a tractor-and-desert wedding while adding an excursion to roadtrip to all three beloved cities.

As #thankfulthursday rolls around again, I am marveling at the opportunity this trip was and the delight of each new adventure, especially the time I had with my brother, sister-in-law, and sister in Tucson.  Sisterfriend and I visited the Mission San Xavier del Bac and felt like we were transported to another country.  I drove a long, straight road through the desert and eventually ended up driving past Saguaro National Park.   We almost toured the Titan Missile Museum (our timing was a little off).   And I definitely spent many many minutes acquiring as much straight-from-the-sun Vitamin D as I possibly could.


For my Canadaland friends who experience border lineups and 0 Avenue on a regular basis, I would also like to point out the unsightly WALL that separates Mexico from Arizona.  I’m awfully thankful that we just have a ditch between Canada and Washington, but the juxtaposition is almost too much for my little brain to fathom;  it was a different world down there along the southern border of Americaland, that’s for sure.

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