Jennifer behind the camera

I don’t like being photographed, how about you?

I am my own worst critic, I can list “things I dislike about myself” far faster than I can list “things I like about myself,” and I tend to un-tag all photos of me on social media.

But that is what makes me an awesome photographer: I have overcome my own insecurities and learned how to wield light and movement to create photos of myself that I love.

I want to do that for you, too: I can make you feel comfortable in photos.

what photos do you need today?


Let me be your personal wedding expert, your calm-in-the-storm, your photographer extraordinaire during your celebration.


A date-with-paparazzi (aka an outing with your professional third wheel!) to create meaningful photos and cherished memories.


Imagine a portrait session with a lot of laughter, a little silliness, and no stress allowed. It’s ready for you.

This is me:

I create emotional, joyful, light-filled photos for you to cherish.

Happy Brides


The wedding is important, but the marriage is primary.

My joy as a wedding photographer is to walk with couples as they start a marriage. I will be your friend, your wedding expert, your stress-free-companion as you navigate the joys and logistics of starting your marriage. Oh, and I take awesome photos too.

What Ashley said:

From start to finish, the experience with Jennifer was effortless. Her photos are perfection, and her talent is rivalled only by her beautiful soul.

What Candice said:

“Her passion for photography makes you passionate about it and her spunky personality puts you naturally at ease.”


Engagement photos are about the wedding

Sure, engagement photos are the best date-with-paparazzi you can imagine but the real magic is getting comfortable with each other in photos and getting to know your photographer. In that way, wedding day photos become even better and easier and more candid. Plus, engagement photos are beautiful mementos of this pivotal season!


Get ready to laugh and laugh some more

I believe that portraits are beautiful tokens of the now and I want a portrait session to be fun and memorable and easy and calm. We laugh, we joke, we explore, we adventure. All so I get to take authentic photos of you.

What Deb said:

I really dislike being photographed, but somehow Jen makes you feel relaxed around her and captures something that I am able to look at and love. And trust me, you are going to have fun with her.