Beauty in Rain: The Pop-Up Gallery



For the past two (ish) years, I have been grappling with my rainy-day frustrations by proving to myself (and others!) that there is Beauty in Rain.  As a photographer, this has meant taking photos of the rain, in the rain, inspired by the rain.  The Beauty in Rain online portfolio is a taste of my journey, but the larger-than-life prints were also on display this weekend in printed, larger-than-life glory.   Thanks to the generosity of Highstreet Shopping Centre, I was able to reserve their Community Room for a one-day pop-up gallery and portrait studio.

As if there was nothing better to do on a sunny Saturday, I celebrated rain and friends and the journey that God has used to bring me from hating the rain to loving it!


In all the natural light beauty of floor-to-ceiling windows and a sun-filled day, I photographed my old friends and made new friends and celebrated mothers and showcased the Beauty I have found in ran.

2016-05-08_0006 For the record, I now want my own studio space for routine gallery showing and workshop teaching and portrait taking fun. Add that to the bucket list of all the future dreams.  I imagine it’s one of those psueod pipe dreams that will burst into reality far sooner than I anticipate; kind of like I never dreamt I would ever come to live in Canada or travel to Israel.


2016-05-08_0008  2016-05-08_0002

I spent a few hours this evening culling through the photos of yesterday, giggling over the baby faces and sighing in awe at the beauty that is a time-tested love and marveling at the mothers who cherish their children so perfectly. 2016-05-08_0001

Thanks to everyone who came to support and encourage and cheer me on yesterday! You made my day (you know who you are!) and I celebrate you.


If you haven’t had a chance to go read my story and understand this infatuation that I have with rain, read it now and know that I’m on the other side of my antagonism of rain thanks to the supportive, kind, wonderful, patient people who didn’t give up on me and didn’t let me wallow in my self-pity and anti-rain-ness.2016-05-08_0004

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