Married: Karl and Alicia

Karl loves Alicia. Alicia loves Karl. The end.

Or, rather, that’s just the beginning.


During their wedding on February 5, 2011, I watched in awe as these two pledged their lives to each other. I am not just thrilled that they are married, I’m not just excited that they get to laugh together for forever, and I’m not just blown away by Alicia’s beauty.

I mean, its all of that. But so much more.

Karl looks at her with utter adoration.
Alicia is happy just to walk by his side.
Karl & Alicia are married.

And thats just beautiful.

When the newlyweds arrived at the barn for our shoot, Alicia ran down to the tackle room to put on her dress. THE dress. The wedding dress she’d gotten married in just a month before. Her beautiful dress. The perfect one.

When she came back up the hill, Karl turned around and looked at her…and grinned…at her…his bride…as though it was the first time he saw the dress, as thought it was wedding day all over again.

That love.

His bride was walking toward him.

And he is happy.

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