Married: Nick and Abby (Part 2)

So, there they were. Declaring their love and commitment to one another on the shores of the glistening Cape Cod.  In front of God and their friends. Abby’s Dad wiped away a few tears as he declared them husband and wife. Both families — including all the siblings — gathered around them to pray for them as they began their days together.  And then…long pause… and Mr. C turned to Nicholas: “You can kiss her now.”

And, once they started…they didn’t stop. 😛

If I had to summarize this wedding in a word, I’d say it was celebration. Yeah, it was about love. Yes, it was full of laughter and giggles. Yep, the families were rallying around them as they began their new life. But – wow – was it one big party! Nick and Abby set the tone when they showed up on the dance floor with a choreographed, rehearsed dance number. (Or, if it wasn’t choreographed and rehearsed…they faked it really well. :-P) We’re talking twirls and spins, lifts and dips.  And it just kept on getting better. Like when the bridesmaid flirted with the Master of Ceremonies (aka her husband) and got him to turn on music for the Electric Slide. Or when friends of the couple told stories on them…smiling at the beauty of their relationship. Or when the groom forced me to go catch the bouquet.

But, before we could get to the party (and the amazing, delicious, spectacular food), I had to hustle the bridal party and make them brave cold, wind, and sun. They stood on the beach, the wind whipping, and huddled together, rotating in and out of their circle to take turns being in the warm middle. The guys — in all their gentlemanly perfection — relinquished their jackets to their respective bridesmaid.  The girls braved the sand in their bare feet. And Nick and Abby? They kept on kissing.

And that was what happened on the day Nick and Abby got married.

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  1. “celebration”

    oh good, we got our message across then. 🙂

    and no, the dance wasn’t choreographed – my girl really is just that amazing.

    it was quite the dapper crew – and your photos are absolutely wonderful JP. If there was an award for Sheer Awesome, you’d win it.

  2. I knew some good ol’ fashioned flirting would get me into a blog post 😉 j/k

    I love the ‘first kiss’ series and the pic of Abby and Nick twirling! 🙂

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