Langley Golf Centre wedding

Lauren paced inside her parents house, ready ahead of schedule and eager for wedding day phase two to begin.  Hair was primped, makeup was perfected, bridesmaids were dressed, wedding gown was steamed, snacks were eaten.  All that remained was to put on her dress and walk down the aisle to marry her favorite.

Ryan wasn’t late, but he wasn’t early. No one would have noticed his slight tardiness except for Lauren’s eagerness, her hope to see him through the window as he made his way to the basement.  She didn’t want to leave her position in the front room until absolutely necessary;  carefully shielded away from prying eyes but close enough to see when Ryan arrived.

She fluttered around the house once more – giggled with the nephew and complimented her bridesmaids – before coming back to her post by the window.  This time a little closer, a little bolder; hopeful that maybe he would appear if only she were closer.

When he finally did arrive (mere minutes had past; not the dragging hours it seemed to be in her excitement), she watched from a safe distance. Her joy only seemed to magnify, her excitement bursting.

It was time.

Time to get married.

And so began the backyard wedding day of Lauren & Ryan, a celebration not only of two exuberantly adorable people but of the family and friends who had walked with them to their wedding day.  A wedding day filled with laughter (wait until you learn what a “firefighter kiss” is!) and cuteness (any one-year-old ring bearer is going to steal the show!) and sentimentality (a ceremony in her parents back yard!) and love (lots and lots and lots of love).

bridal gallery new westminster gown

Check out how excited these gals were to see their favourite Lauren all dressed up. But, I mean, can you blame them?! She’s smashingly gorgeous!

And take a peek at that laughter.  Her enthusiasm was unending and her joy overflowing.

The ceremony took place down a winding path at the bottom of their backyard, so the entrance was truly grand…and the ring bearer was on top of the world. 😉

These next four pictures were literally taken thirteen seconds apart and is the point at which I was temporarily blinded by some random salty droplets in my eye.  The depth and breadth of emotion here is palpable.
backyard wedding with shing weddings
Abbotsford Backyard Wedding

I mean, looooook at this joy!

And so. With much celebration and joy: RYAN AND LAUREN ARE MARRIED!

Abbotsford Backyard Wedding with Shing Weddings

The Bridal Gallery New Westminster

Hint: When the groomsmen requested these photos, I didn’t quite understand all that was yet to unfold. . . but let’s just say this is NOT the only time the bridal party had to use their muscles.  Firefighter’s kiss (keep scrolling!) was only overshadowed by the Spiderman and both of those made  these lifts seem innocuous.

Lauren’s sister-in-law created this piece of artwork for her; how perfect is it?! I think every bride needs a customized denim jacket! =D
wedding day jean jacket

Any dress that does this is my favourite kind of dress: flowy skirts are my jam!langley golf centre wedding
langley golf centre wedding

The Langley Golf Centre wedding reception began with a pop — popcorn, that is (aren’t I punny?) – and was so gloriously coordinated by the dynamic duo from Shing Weddings. Lisa, you are a gem and I am blown away by your love for this crew and your meticulously delightful attention to detail.
langley golf centre wedding
langley golf centre wedding

Remember how I said there was a LOT OF LAUGHTER?  The Langley Golf Centre wedding reception was not only gorgeous…it was emcee’d by some pretty swell friends of Ryan who kept everyone laughing. Between college anecdotes and dice kissing games and gift card prize for the one who knew Ryan & Lauren the best (play Kahoots for your guests, brides! they’ll love it!), it was a smashingly wonderful party.

But back up and slow down: the DICE KISSING GAME needs its own time in the spotlight.  In addition to “create a kiss to imitate” and “tell a joke” and “give a piece of advice” (respectively, depending on which number the guest rolled on the dice): the coveted number meant Ryan and Lauren had to kiss in a particularly saucy way, guest’s choice.

Now, before you scroll any further I need to know: would you know what to do if your guest told you to go do a “firefighter’s kiss”?  I wouldn’t and I had no clue what to expect…but the groomsmen knew exactly what they had to do and this is what happen.


langley golf centre wedding

And then a little later on: the Spiderman Kiss.

Ryan & Lauren’s Langley Golf Centre wedding was such a gorgeous, classy, fun, fabulous party and was made absolutely perfect by the gems these two lovebirds are.  What a privilege to watch them celebrate one another.

langley golf centre wedding
langley golf centre wedding

langley golf centre wedding

Lauren & Ryan had a dream team to ensure their Langley Golf Centre wedding day was a smashing success. Such a privilege to work alongside this stellar crew:

Wedding Planner: Lisa Lee of Shing Weddings
Venue: Langley Golf Centre
Dress: The Bridal Gallery
Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulus
Flowers: Mother of the Bride
Makeup: Jamie Sullivan
Hair: Randi Payton
Videography: Twinsy Media
Photography: Jenni Marie Photography

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