Rockwood Manor Wedding

The day started with a few clouds, their bleak grayness looming over the decorated lawn at Rockwood Manor.  The Manor, its stately elegance poised against the gray sky, watched silently as the preparations continued. The coordinator bustled in and out of the great hall entrance. The drive was filled with a constant stream of cars — guests, vendors, friends, helpers.

But when Laura walked down the aisle to meet her beloved, when Ray reached for her hand and gave it an extra squeeze, when musicians started singing, the gray was chased away. As the blue snuck through, the clouds burst open. Somewhere in the middle of Revelation Song by Philips Craig and Dean, the sun smiled and the gray vanished.

And so it was. There under the golden glow, they were married. Surrounded by smiling family and friends and a few watchful cows, they were married. With joy spilling over, they were married.

He stood waiting for her. His hands clenched around the iron bar, he shifted from one foot to the other. He didn’t have to wait long, but it felt like a million seconds.  After a  friendship that developed through high school, through college, through life-after-college, the Happiest Day had (finally) arrived.

She reached him.

Spoke his name.

He turned.

Saw her.

Hugged her.

“Do you like it?” She asked. Knowing fully, of course, that he did.

“My knees are weak.”

It was her turn for vows. She’d written them for him.

Everyone knew they would be verbose. That’s who she is.  She even promised Ray to always talk on and on and on and on and on (just like she was doing then).  We all laughed. Yes, Laura was Laura. But today – her wedding day — she was even MORE Laura than ever. The laugh was brighter. The smile joyful-er. The eyes sparkly-er. The vows verbose-er. And her bones? Happy. Yes. Even her bones were happy. She said so herself.

And would she love, honor, cherish Ray?

“You bet I will!!”

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  1. I think I’ve looked at these pictures at least 50 times in the last three days…. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! AHHHHH. I still can’t believe the shots you got. <3 <3 xoxo. If any bride is considering whether or not to use Jennifer CONTACT ME and I will tell you personally how amazing she is!!!! 😀

  2. Love these pictures….you captured a special moment for a special couple…..Memories they will have forever.

  3. CRYING! Tears rain down!!! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! I have NEVER in my life seen a photographer capture the day just like this! Such a personal feel…it took me back to that awesome day & I felt like I was there again!!

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