Rianna: Nine Months Old



Marian tell the story of how — when pregnant with her Tater Tot — she didn’t know whether she’d have a boy or a girl, but she definitely sensed her child would have a cheerful spirit. How’s that for motherly intuition? Now, at almost nine months old, Rianna is the very definition of cheerful. Her mom was right.

Granted, she struggles like any other baby – with moods, life, sickness, and (especially) her beloved daddy being deployed.
But, in the middle of all that, her smile could melt snow.

And I don’t really think that’s an exaggeration.


P.S. I never knew a lens cap could make such a fascinating toy!

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  1. Beautiful photos! What a sweet happy little girl 🙂
    In love with the photos of her laying in the sand! Very sweet! Especially the feet!
    Lovely mommy and baby pics too 🙂 you captured them very well 🙂
    Also I loved your picture frame background! Super cool

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