Anniversary Portraits

If there’s anything more beautiful than a maturing love, I don’t know what it is. Daniel and Jacinta have been married for (only) five years but watching them cherish time together and appreciate one another so fully is amazingly beautiful and absolutely inspiring.

(I only say “only” because they still have along way to go to their fiftieth anniversary…)

Plus, THEY DROVE FIVE HOURS to be able to have a portrait session with me while I was on the east coast so I am unbelievably honored and ridiculously amazed by the amount of effort it took to be a repeat client.

Their wedding five years ago was one of the most beautiful days ever — Jacinta’s classic beauty and love of all things frilly meant she had a parasol and tiara for her wedding at a historic mansion and Daniel’s love of Jacinta meant that they had the most perfectly choreographed first dance going down in the history of first dances as brilliant.  (So when she pulled out an arsenal of classic hats for their anniversary photos, I was not surprised.)

Guuuyyyys. Thanks for driving all the way to North Carolina for a weekend away that included an evening with me. Absolutely and completely honored. Truly.

Yes, that scooter thought he was photo bombing our perfect image…what he didn’t know is that he MADE IT SO PERFECT!

Didn’t I mention the hat? So classy.

Pictured below: laughing at crazed Jennifer as she puts a leaf in front of her camera.  #nailedit

These guys know how to do both fun AND romance. One minute it was all snuggling and lovey dovey; the next minute, it was belly-laughs and inside jokes.

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