Winston Salem Engagement Photos

Winston Salem Engagement Photos

Sidney & Samuel’s Winston Salem engagement photos session is ABSOLUTELY one of the most spontaneous shoots I have ever scheduled — she messaged me on a Wednesday morning and by Wednesday evening we were exploring my hometown together with my camera in hand.  How’s that for FAST?!  (I am the opposite of spontaneous, so when I see such spontaneity in others it absolutely inspires me. =D)

Winston Salem engagement photos are always going to be some of my favourites; I become a photographer wandering the streets of Winston with my sister and can distinctly remember the exact location I took the formative photo that shaped my understanding of reflected light. (I tried to take Sidney & Samuel to that same spot, but apparently its a private alleyway that now has a “No Trespassing” sign on it . . . hopefully not because of people like me. Oops.)

The added adventure of these Winston Salem Engagement Photos came when I realized that most of the downtown core has been completely transformed in the six years since I moved away . . . new restaurants, gorgeous new shopping centers, and some amazingly abstract art installations!  I didn’t get lost . . . mostly  . . . and loved getting to know Sidney & Samuel as we wandered around the city together.


As you will easily see in the photos, these two love each other  . . . a lot. Theirs is a time-tested friendship that has morphed into the most charming relationship over the years; highschool chums who realized “hey! we like each other!”  and have now decided it’s time to get married.

In addition to being infatuated with each other (I mean, check out how adoringly Samuel looks at his wife-to-be!), they’re utterly adorable in how well they know one another.  I’m fairly positive they could have an entire conversation just by looking at one another.  #relationshipgoals


Good grief, girl. You’re slaying this model life!

Of course, any couple that wears Converse AND Birkenstocks is a couple that I absolutely adore.


Winston Salem Engagement Photos are my favourite…but engagement photos with Sidney & Samuel takes the cake as one of the best adventures ever.

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